Over 96 years ago…

With profound insight toward the need for business protection in the Toledo area, Harley Harris founded Continental Secret Service Bureau, Inc. on April 19, 1919. Arson, crimes, property theft, maliciousness, and vandalism were not at critical proportions in the early 1900’s. However, pilferage of products and company assets was prevalent even in those early days. Due to this fact Tiedtke’s, a Toledo mercantile landmark until the 1960’s, was our first client. The Wunder family now owns and operates Continental and has since 1965.

From the early uncomplicated security procedures to today’s security officer, complex electronic security devices, etc., the security field has grown enormously, protecting life, property, and the assets of businesses. Continental takes genuine pride that it was and still is a pioneer when it comes to total security protection.

Continental management committed itself to develop, design and preserve a selective security service. From the very beginning, protection policies and complex details of client requirements were formulated under extremely detailed circumstances. It is with this exciting beginning that Continental was obliged to substantiate its service worth and withstand the rigors of the marketplace.

Continental has grown gracefully and cautiously these ten decades so as to maintain the already proven and accepted quality service to our wide range of valued clients. Our credo has and always will be to give professional and personalized service to all our clients lest we lose their confidence established from 95 years of service. Business growth at Continental has been accomplished through deliberate planning and genuine dedication to stay abreast of each valued client’s ever changing security needs.

The protection challenges throughout Continental’s history have been met with perseverance and dedication. Quality service, the highest integrity and professionalism are the mark of Continental’s dedicated service to Ohio and Michigan businesses. We sincerely hope that our many customers are pleased with our performance and we want to express our thanks and appreciation for the years of confidence and trust we have developed with you.

Today Continental operates as a corporation in the states of Ohio and Michigan. Our corporate headquarters is in Toledo, OH and supports our strategic locations throughout Ohio and Michigan.

Essential to the success of operations is communication between the client and Continental. We welcome and encourage you to call our office at anytime you need additional help in any area of security matters.


Throughout the years we have served a broad spectrum of businesses. We have met the challenge of a changing business environment from the Great Depression to World War II, to the tragedies of September 11, 2001.

Changing conditions in turn create changes in the security needs of our clients and the security industry.


Our current organization is structured to give our client the best possible service. We have a very structured chain of command that allows a consistent flow of communication from a security officer to our executive management. We provide each client 24/7 access to their account manager, field supervision and site supervision.

Our main office is manned 24/7 so we always have a clear line of communication for our clients as well as employees. Everything is documented and communicated to the right people. This type of organization structure is another reason why we have been around since 1919 and have retained clients for many years.

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