Security Officers

Continental has been providing quality, dependable security officers for over 97 years. We are able to do this by utilizing proven policies, procedures and customizing our service to meet our client’s needs. We will provide your company with the same high level of service we provide to all of our clients throughout Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky. Below are the services we include at no extra charge to all of our clients.

Continental 24-hour dispatch (our own local personnel) is our communication link for our entire company. Our dispatchers have the ability to handle emergency situations at your facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Continental’s standard operating procedure requires all locations to call in to the Central Station Dispatcher hourly to ensure the safety of all personnel and the integrity of each post.

With our 24-hour communication we have the capability to make available, in a timely manner, additional officers for emergency situations you might encounter. This is possible through our structure of security personnel in our organization. We will respond expediently to filling the necessary emergency positions.

We will have a local experienced account manager available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We understand that security management is not a 9-5 job. Therefore, your account manager will be available to assist you at any time to assure that we are providing you the best quality service possible.

The appearance of your security officers is one of our top priorities. We insist that all officers look impeccable at all times. They are often the first person a visitor to your facility sees. They represent you; Continental and themselves and don’t get to provide a second chance to make a first impression.

Continental is unique in that we have our own uniform department with a full inventory of different types of professional looks, staffed with a professional seamstress. This gives us more control to ensure that the security officer is professionally attired at no cost to them. All uniforms are replaced expeditiously to maintain a neat appearance. We also make available to all of our security officers a professional nameplate and picture ID if needed.

Each site requires specialized attention and we will match our security program to meet your needs. If needed, tours will be conducted as required under the specifications and post orders for your facility, and performed in a manner that offers the best advantage for coverage, identification of problems and visibility to your visitors. We also offer an automated tour system. This is included with our service and has the ability to provide our clients with up to date tour activity.

We take full responsibility for selection and hiring security officers for your facility with extreme care in order to fit the training and personality requirements. We take great pride in making sure you are staffed with an honest, dependable, professional security officer. We recruit from various sources to include newspaper ads, internet, local colleges, technical schools, job fairs, churches, etc. Our officers are offered Health Benefits and provided paid vacations, which helps us ensure we hire and retain quality officers.

Applicants are thoroughly screened with complete background checks, drug screens and DMV checks to ensure their desirability for employment.

We will ensure that all security officers have at least eight hours of pre-assignment training as well as up to 40 hours of on-site training. In addition to the “basic” training provided for all of our security officers, we offer training modules in such specific areas as needed, i.e. Processing/Access Control, Sexual Harassment, Hazardous Materials, Fire Alarms, Crisis Intervention, First Aid, CPR, Defensive Driving Techniques, Violence in the Workplace, Logistics procedures etc.

Field Supervision is a key element in keeping turnover to a minimum, keeping security officers’ motivated and insuring proper implementation of the security program. In this vein, Supervision is one of our strongest assets. This person must be of the highest caliber and will be an important partner in our security team.

Our Field Supervision is also our professional emergency support service. They are often the first on the scene when our officers call for police/EMT. Field Supervisors are mobile and their number one priority is to support our clients and officers.


Your area Field Supervisor will conduct random visits to your facility. He/she will determine if the security officer is fully knowledgeable of their duties of the respective position, is properly performing the duties, meets appropriate appearance and grooming standards, is properly completing required reports and properly conducting, as required, patrols of the respective location.

GUARANTEED SERVICE you do not pay for any shift where a problem is experienced. Continental has always had a policy in which no shift will go unfilled. With this in mind all of our field supervisors are properly trained to fill any shift as needed. Should you require replacement of an assigned security officer this will be done as soon as possible.

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